SPORTS ACT - 1976 (SMCD 54)

    Section - 30 - Functions of Chief Executive.

    (1) The Chief Executive shall, subject to such directions on matters of general policy as may be given from time to time by the National Council, be responsible for-

    (a) the day-to-day direction of the business of the National Council;

    (b) the implementation of the policy decisions of the National Council;

    (c) the organisation and control of the employees of the National Council including transfers and postings of such employees and the maintenance of efficiency among such employees;

    (d) liaising between the National Council, the Assembly and the Commissioner with a view to ensuring effective implementation of this Decree;

    (e) the exercise of the powers of the National Council under subsection (7) of section 29 of this Decree and the power of the Council to engage consultants and advisers under subsection (8) of that section;

    (f) the performance of such other functions as the National Council may assign to him.

    (2) In the discharge of his functions under paragraph (e) of subsection (1) of this section the Chief Executive shall be assisted by a committee of the National Council appointed under section 9 of this Decree.