Section - 4 - Offences Relating to the Ballot, Etc.

    Any person who,

    (a) forges or fraudulently defaces or fraudulently destroys any document relating to the holding of a referendum, or alters any such document or delivers to the returning officer any document, knowing the same to be forged, or

    (b) forges or counterfeits or fraudulently destroys any ballot paper or the official mark on any ballot paper, or

    (c) without due authority supplies any ballot paper to any person, or

    (d) sells or offers to sell any document relating to the holding of a referendum without due authority to any person or purchases or offers to purchase any such document from any person, or

    (e) not being a person entitled under the provisions of this Decree to be in possession of any document relating to the holding of a referendum, has any such document in his possession, or

    (f) knowingly and intentionally puts into any ballot box anything other than the ballot paper which he is authorised by law to put in, or

    (g) without due authority, takes out of a polling station any ballot paper or other document relating to a referendum or is found in possession of any ballot paper or such document outside a polling station, or

    (h) without due authority, destroys, takes, opens, or otherwise interferes with any ballot box, ballot document or other property in use or intended to be used for the purposes of a referendum, or

    (i) without due authority, prints any ballot paper or what purports to be or is capable of being used as a ballot paper at a referendum, or

    (j) not being authorised so to do under the provisions of this Decree, makes any mark on a ballot paper issued to a person, other than himself, with intent that such ballot paper shall be used to record the vote of such other person, commits an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.