Section - 34 - Interpretation.

    In this Decree unless the context otherwise requires -

    "area" means the area of authority of a Council;

    "constituency" means one of the constituencies into which Ghana is for the time being divided;

    "corrupt practice" means the offence of personation, bribery, treating or undue influence or of aiding, abetting, counseling or attempting the commission of any such offence;

    "Council" includes a Local, District, or Regional Council and any other local government council or area committee established pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1971 (Act 359).

    "Court" means a court of competent jurisdiction;

    "divisional register" means the register relating to a polling division;

    "issue" means any question or matter submitted to a vote in a referendum to ascertain the wishes of the citizens of Ghana.

    "official mark" means the official mark with which a ballot paper is perforated or stamped;

    "polling assistant" means a polling assistant so appointed for the purposes of a referendum;

    "polling day" in relation to a referendum means the day appointed for the taking of a poll;

    "polling division" means one of the polling divisions into which a constituency or area is for the time being divided pursuant to the provisions of section 1 of this Decree;

    "polling station" means one of the polling stations within a polling division;

    "presiding officer" means the presiding officer of a polling station at a referendum;

    "referendum officer" means a returning officer, a deputy or assistant returning officer, a presiding officer or a polling assistant and any other person so designated as such by the Electoral Commissioner;

    "register" means a register of voters.