Section - 25 - Scrutiny.

    (1) Where on a petition it is claimed that a question attracted more votes than that declared in favour of that question, the High Court of Justice may direct an examination of the votes cast at the voting in the polling station concerned.

    (2) On a scrutiny the following votes and no others, shall be struck off, namely -

    (a) the vote of any person,

    (i) whose name was not included in that part of the register which contained the names of the registered voters assigned to the polling station at which the vote was recorded; and

    (ii) who was not otherwise authorised under the provisions of this Decree to vote at the polling station at which his vote was recorded;

    (b) the vote of any person whose vote was procured by bribery, treating or undue influence;

    (c) the vote of any person who committed or procured the commission of personation at the voting;

    (d) the vote of any person proved to have voted more than once at the voting or, in more than one polling station.

    (3) The vote of a registered voter shall not be struck off on a scrutiny by reason only of the voter not having been or not being qualified to have his name entered on the register.

    (4) Any tendered ballot paper proved on a scrutiny to be a valid vote shall be added to the poll.