Section - 6 - Recovery of Public Property.

    (1) Where the court convicts any person of an offence under this Decree the court shall make such orders as may be necessary for recovering the public property concerned, or for making good any loss of or damage to the public property concerned, and for this purpose the court may, upon such terms as it thinks fit:-

    (a) order the seizure and forfeiture to the Republic of any asset of the convicted person;

    (b) where the court is satisfied that any other person holds any asset on behalf of the convicted person, order the seizure and forfeiture to the Republic of that asset;

    (c) order any person to execute such instrument or do such act as may be necessary for enabling any asset situated outside Ghana to be vested in the Republic;

    (d) order the delivery to the court of any document of title relating to any asset forfeited to the Republic:

    (e) make such other orders as may be necessary in the circumstances of the case.

    (2) An order made under this section shall, unless the court in special circumstances otherwise directs, have effect from the date of the conviction.

    (3) Any person who-

    (a) fails without reasonable excuse (proof of which shall be upon him) to comply with any order of the court under this section; or

    (b) otherwise obstructs the carrying into effect of any order made under this section,

    shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to imprisonment not exceeding ten years without the option of a fine.