Section - 6 - Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executives.

    (1) The Chief Executive shall, subject to subsection (2) of this section, be appointed by the Council for a period of five years and on such terms and conditions as the Council may determine.

    (2) The Chief Executive shall be a person who has a degree in any of the related fields of irrigation for agricultural purposes with not less than fifteen years of proven professional experience of which at least five years must have been in an administrative capacity. [As Substituted by Irrigation Development Authority (Amendment) Decree, 1977 (SMCD 127) s. 1].

    (3) Subject to the provisions of this Decree and to the general control of the Board on policy matters, the Chief Executive shall be charged with the direction of the business of the Authority, its administration and organisation and control of employees of the Authority.

    (4) The Chief Executive shall be assisted by two Deputy Chief Executives, one of whom shall be an engineer and the other an agronomist.

    (5) Where the Chief Executive is incapacitated from the performance of his functions under this Decree the Board may authorise any of the two Deputy Chief Executives of the Authority to perform those functions for the duration of the incapacity.