Section - 5 - Qualifications for Appointment as Members.

    No person shall be qualified to be appointed or continue to be a member of the Board if:

    (a) having been declared insolvent or bankrupt under any law in force in Ghana or in any other country, is an undischarged insolvent or bankrupt;

    (b) he is a person of unsound mind or incapable of carrying out his duties;

    (c) he is guilty of serious misconduct in relation to his duties;

    (d) he is convicted of a felony or any other offence involving fraud, dishonesty or moral turpitude and in each case has not been granted a free pardon;

    (e) in the case of a person in possession of a professional qualification, he is disqualified or suspended otherwise than at his own request, from practising his profession in Ghana or in any other country by order of any competent authority made in respect of him personally.