Section - 2 - Functions of the Authority.

    The functions of the Authority are:-

    (a) to formulate plans for the development of irrigation in the country;

    (b) to develop the water resources of the country for irrigated farming, livestock improvement and fish culture;

    (c) to execute comprehensive programmes for the effective use of irrigated lands in co-operation with other agencies involved in providing extension services to farmers;

    (d) to carry out land-use planning in areas earmarked for development in order to conserve the soil and water resources in those areas;

    (e) to lay out the environs of each project area for housing purposes and for the provision of other social amenities;

    (f) to co-operate with other agencies for safeguarding the health and safety of all people living within and around irrigation project areas;

    (g) to undertake such other activities as are incidental or conducive to the discharge of its functions under this Decree.