Section - 11 - Staff of the Authority.

    (1) The Authority may from time to time engage such employees as may be necessary for the efficient and proper discharge of its functions under this Decree.

    (2) The Authority may also engage the services of such consultants and advisers as the Authority may, upon the recommendations of the Chief Executive, determine.

    (3) The Board shall, in consultation with the Public Services Commission, be responsible for the appointment and promotion of the employees of the Authority.

    (4) The Board, acting on the recommendation of the Chief Executive, shall be responsible for the discipline and removal of the employees of the Authority.

    (5) The Board may with regard to such category of employees as it may determine delegate to the Chief Executive the power to appoint, promote, discipline and remove such employees.

    (6) Public Officers may be transferred or seconded to the Authority and may otherwise give assistance thereto.

    (7) The employees, consultants and advisers of the Authority shall be engaged on such terms and conditions as the Board may on the recommendations of the Chief Executive determine.