Section - 8 - Powers of Entry and Performance of other Work.

    (1) Any person authorised in that behalf by the Corporation for the discharge of any of its functions under this Decree, may after reasonable notice:-

    (a) enter, inspect and survey any land or premises;

    (b) dig or bore into the sub-soil and, open, construct, or repair any road, sewer, drain, tunnel or other works relating to the railway;

    (c) specify levels, boundaries and lines by placing marks and digging trenches;

    (d) remove or cut the branches of any tree or underwood;

    (e) and with the prior approval of the Commissioner, alter the course of any rivers, streams or water courses for the purpose of constructing and maintaining tunnels, bridges, passages or other works over or under them, stop, divert, widen, narrow or alter, temporarily or permanently, the course of any rivers, streams or watercourses or any roads, streets or ways or raise or sink the level thereof;

    (f) make, alter or repair drains or conduits to convey water from or to a railway or works connected therewith;

    (g) sink wells and construct dams and all other works necessary for providing a water supply;

    (h) take or cause to be taken water for the purposes of a railway from any river, stream or other natural source or from any dam or artificial works; and

    (i) carry out any other power of duty reasonably necessary for giving effect to the provisions of this Decree.

    (2) Where in the discharge of any functions under this section damage is done to the property of any person the Corporation shall pay reasonable compensation for such damage.

    (3) The amount of any compensation to be paid under this section shall, in the case of a dispute, be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 1961 (Act 38).