Section - 7 - Pensions, etc.

    (1) The Board may grant pensions, gratuities or retiring allowances to its officers and other employees, require them to contribute to any pension or provident fund or superannuation scheme, or make any other provision in respect of the grant of such pensions, gratuities or allowances.

    (2) If a public officer of Ghana, entitled to receive on retirement a pensionable emolument, is seconded to the Corporation the period during which he serves with the Corporation shall, for the purposes of computation of the time and amount of pension under any enactment relating to pensions for the time being in force, be deemed to be service in a pensionable office.

    (3) Subject to the provisions of this section and of the Social Security Decree, 1972 (NRCD 127), the Board may provide by regulation made under this Decree any matter relating to pensions, gratuities and other allowances.

    (4) The Board shall not, without the consent of the Government, approve or agree to any increase in the emoluments of any of its officers or other employees which would involve an increase in the Corporation's rates or charges or in any additional government grant.