Section - 5 - General Manager, his two Deputies and Secretary of the Corporation.

    (1) There shall be a Chief Executive of the Corporation to be known as the General Manager, who shall be appointed by the Supreme Military Council; and he shall, as the Chief Executive, be charged with the direction of the day-to-day business of the Authority and control of its employees, and subject to such directions as may be given by the Board, its administration and organisation.

    (2) The General Manager shall be a person with appropriate qualification and experience.

    (3) There shall also be two Deputy General Managers of the Corporation appointed by the Supreme Military Council.

    (4) The Corporation shall also have an officer to be designated as the Secretary of the Corporation, who shall perform such functions as the Board or the General Manager may by writing direct.

    (5) The Secretary shall be assisted in his functions by such of the staff of the Corporation, as the Board may, on the recommendations of the General Manager, direct.