Section - 32 - Interpretation.

    In this Decree, unless the context otherwise requires-

    "goods" includes baggage, animals (whether alive or dead) and all other movable property of any kind whatsoever;

    "Commissioner" means the Commissioner responsible for Transport and Communications; or any person duly authorised by him in that behalf;

    "Perishable goods" means goods liable to rapid deterioration and includes fish, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, plants, bread, meat, game, butter, eggs, milk, cheese, ice, and any other thing which may be declared by regulation under this Decree to be perishable goods;

    "railway" means any railway operated by the Corporation and any portion thereof, for the purpose of the public carriage of passengers or goods and includes

    (a) all land owned by, vested in, or in the possession of the Corporation for the said purpose;

    (b) all railway lines, sidings, or branches worked over or in connection with the said purpose;

    (c) all hotels, offices, stations, warehouses, workshops and other premises or works whatsoever maintained or constructed for or in connection with the said purpose; and

    (d) all engines, fixed plant, locomotives, machinery, road vehicles and rolling stock belonging to or worked by the Corporation for or in connection with the said purposes;

    and references in this Decree to a railway include, so far as the context allows, a railway under construction by or for the Corporation;

    "rolling stock" means locomotive engines, tenders, motors, coaches, wagons, trucks and trolleys of all kinds used on a railway.