Section - 25 - Detention and Sale of Goods.

    (1) If any person fails to pay on demand any rate, charge, or due or any payment for services rendered by the Corporation in relation to any goods, the Corporation may detain any of the goods in its possession.

    (2) When any goods have been detained under this section, the Corporation may sell at once by public auction or private treaty any animals or perishable goods of the said person in its possession.

    (3) In respect of any other goods, the Corporation may sell such goods or part thereof by public auction, on the expiry of at least fifteen days' notice of the intended auction, published in the Gazette and at least two local papers.

    (4) Out of the proceeds of such sale, the Corporation shall retain a sum equal to the amount due to it and any other expenses incurred by it in connection with such detention and sale and pay any surplus remaining to the person legally entitled thereto.

    (5) If the proceeds of such sale do not amount to the sum due to the Corporation by the person concerned, the Corporation may detain any goods or cargo of such person coming into its possession.