Section - 2 - Functions of Corporation.

    (1) The Corporation shall have the power to discharge the following functions, that is to say -

    (a) to construct, establish and maintain any railway with terminal and intermediate stations and proper works and conveniences for the conveyance of passengers, animals and goods;

    (b) with the prior approval of the Commissioner, to construct railway lines and to negotiate with any person for the construction of railway lines or works of any kind;

    (c) to use upon any railway, locomotive engine or other motive power and rolling stock;

    (d) to make and maintain for the accommodation of owners and occupiers of land adjoining a railway -

    (i) such crossings, bridges, arches, culverts and passages over, under or by the sides, or leading to or from a railway, as may be necessary to minimise interference with the use of the land through which the railway runs;

    (ii) all necessary arches, tunnels, culverts, drains, watercourses or other passages, over or under or by the sides of a railway of such dimensions as will be sufficient at all times to convey water as freely from or to the lands lying near or affected by the railway as before the making of the railway or as nearly so as may be;

    (e) to fix the maximum number of passengers who may be carried in each compartment of any carriage, such number to be conspicuously shown inside or outside each compartment;

    (f) to determine the maximum load for every wagon or truck in its possession, the weight of such load to be conspicuously shown on the outside of such wagon or truck.

    (2) The Corporation shall also have power to discharge the following functions -

    (a) within such limits as may be fixed by the Commissioner, to fix or determine rates, charges and dues for services provided by the Corporation, to specify the persons liable to pay such rates, charges and dues, such rates, charges and dues being specified by regulation made under section 29;

    (b) to provide facilities for the transport, storage, warehousing, loading and unloading of goods;

    (c) to construct, maintain, repair or alter any movable or immovable property acquired for the purposes of the Corporation;

    (d) to acquire any undertaking affording or intended to afford facilities for the loading, unloading or warehousing of goods;

    (e) to reclaim, excavate, enclose or raise any part of the lands vested in it;

    (f) to take steps to advance the skill of its employees or increase the efficiency of their equipment and its operations, including the provision by the Corporation of facilities for training, education and research;

    (g) to provide living accommodation for its employees and to promote the welfare in any other manner of its employees and make provision for the granting of loans to them;

    (h) to provide and maintain platforms, waiting rooms and like accommodation for passengers and the public and to provide catering arrangements; and

    (i) generally to discharge such other functions as may be authorised by regulations made under section 29 of this Decree or any other function necessary for carrying out the provisions of this Decree.