Section - 19 - Removal of Goods.

    (1) No person shall remove goods from a goods shed unless he has first obtained a waybill in a form approved by the Corporation authorising their removal.

    (2) A person removing goods from a goods shed under the authority of a waybill shall, before leaving the station, supply to the officer on duty for the purposes of checking the removal of goods one copy of the relative waybill.

    (3) Any person who removes or attempts to remove any goods from a goods shed without having in his possession a waybill authorising their removal may be detained by any police officer for a reasonable time not exceeding twenty-four hours for the purpose of enabling the officer to investigate the circumstances of the removal.

    (4) A police officer may detain any goods which are being removed from such goods shed without authority and, in the case of goods being removed in or on a vehicle, may remove the goods from the vehicle or detain the goods and the vehicle.

    (5) No police officer shall detain or remove any goods in exercise of his powers under subsection (4) unless at the time of such detention or removal he takes a full and accurate inventory of those goods and supplies to the person from whose possession or custody those goods are removed a copy of such inventory signed by him.

    (6) Where any goods have been detained under this section-

    (a) the Corporation shall not be liable for any damage or loss to such goods during the period of detention; and

    (b) the owner of such goods shall be responsible for any expenses incurred in their handling, loading and unloading and storage.