Section - 12 - Committees of the Board.

    (1) The Board may appoint such committees consisting of such persons, whether members of the Board or not, and upon such terms as it thinks fit, to advice the Board or exercise any of its functions.

    (2) The Board may also seek advice, or otherwise consult any public body in the discharge of its functions, and any such public body shall give such advice or render to the Board such assistance as the Board may reasonably require.

    (3) The Board shall establish the following bodies to assist it in the discharge of its functions:-

    (a) a Computer Users Council on which shall sit representatives of organisations which are substantial users of computer time;

    (b) a Computer Education Council which shall be chaired by the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Education, and shall include representatives of-

    (i) the three Universities;

    (ii) the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration;

    (iii) the Management Development and Productivity Institute;

    (iv) the Director of the School of Business Administration, and

    (v) the Director-General of Education.