Section - 6 - Exemption from Requirement of Decree.

    (1) Nothing in this Decree shall be construed as to require any licence in respect of the following, namely,

    (a) an importer or exporter transacting custom business solely on his own behalf;

    (b) an employee of a custom house agent authorised by the agent to sign customs documents on his behalf if such agent has filed a power of attorney for that purpose with the Collector-in-Charge of the port where such agent transacts his business;

    (c) transactions in connection with entry or clearance of vessels;

    (d) a common carrier making an entry for any merchandise to be transported under bond on behalf of another person.

    (2) Without prejudice to subsection (1) of this section the Commissioner may in writing exempt any person or class of person from the requirement of a licence under this Decree.