• The Company known as the "Ghana Cold Stores Limited" is hereby dissolved and all its rights, assets, liabilities and obligations are hereby transferred to the State Fishing Corporation.

    • All persons employed by the Ghana Cold Stores Limited immediately before the commencement of this Decree shall be transferred to the employment of the State Fishing Corporation:

      Provided that such employees when transferred under this section shall enjoy terms and conditions of service which are not less favourable than those applicable to them immediately before the transfer.

    • The Commissioner responsible for Finance shall pay such compensation as appears to him to be fair and reasonable to any person other than the Government or the State Fishing Corporation who owned any shares in the Ghana Cold Stores immediately prior to the commencement of this Decree in respect of such shares.

    • The State Fishing Corporation Instrument, 1965 (LI 397) is hereby amended as follows:-

      (a) by the substitution for Part II thereof of the following new Part:-


      The objects of the Corporation are-

      (i) to develop and manage a fishing fleet and produce fish for home consumption and export;

      (ii) to buy and sell fishing vessels, spotting aircraft, equipment and gear;

      (iii) to manage directly or indirectly the fishing fleet;

      (iv) to construct buildings and plant for storing, freezing, canning and processing fish;

      (v) to carry on business of building, maintaining, operating and running Cold Stores in Ghana and packing and storing of all kinds of foodstuffs and other products whether frozen, refrigerated or not, accepting such products for hard-freezing or chilling or storage for the Corporation and for others and generally dealing in such products;

      (vi) to buy, distribute and sell fish, meat and any allied products thereof; and

      (vii) to carry on such other activities as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of all or any of these objects";

      (b) by the substitution for the words "seven other members" appearing in paragraph 2(b) of Part IV thereof of the words "eight other members";

      (c) by the insertion immediately after paragraph 4 of Part VI thereof of the following new paragraph:-

      "5. (1) The Corporation shall have two officers to be designated respectively as Deputy Managing Director (Operations) and Deputy Managing Director (Administration and Services).

      (2) Subject to the functions of the Board and to the control of the Managing Director-

      (a) the Deputy Managing Director (Operations) shall be responsible for the management of the Cold Stores of the Corporation and also responsible for the marketing operations of the Corporation; and

      (b) the Deputy Managing Director (Administration and Services) shall be responsible for the financial control, procurement and stores and also for legal advisory services, medical services and personnel management of the Corporation.

      (3) A Deputy Managing Director shall be appointed by the Commissioner with the prior approval of the National Redemption Council and shall hold and vacate office upon such terms and conditions as the said Council may approve."

    • This Decree shall be deemed to have come into force on the 15th day of November, 1974.