Section - 7 - Discharge of Patient.

    (1) A voluntary patient admitted under this Part may discharge himself at any time upon giving written notice to the chief administrator of the hospital.

    (2) The chief administrator of the hospital may discharge a voluntary patient admitted under this Part at any time, where he is satisfied that the patient has recovered from his mental illness sufficiently to justify such discharge.

    (3) Where a voluntary patient is incapable of expressing his intentions, he shall be discharged by the chief administrator on the written application of a relative or other suitable person, where the chief administrator is satisfied that adequate arrangements will be made for the care and maintenance and, where necessary, the treatment of the patient.

    (4) A written notice under subsection (1), and a written application under subsection (3), shall be made not less than seventy-two hours before the proposed time of discharge, unless the chief administrator in his discretion accepts a lesser period of notice.