Section - 4 - Visiting Committees.

    (1) The Commissioner shall appoint three or more visitors to be a visiting committee for each psychiatric hospital.

    (2) The visiting committee of any psychiatric hospital shall meet at the hospital once a quarter, or often if necessary, and shall-

    (a) examine its books and accounts, if they think fit;

    (b) inspect every part of the hospital, including wards, kitchens, stores and sanitary facilities;

    (c) receive and enquire into any complaint preferred by or against any officer, staff or patient.

    (3) After each quarterly inspection the visiting committee shall submit a written report through the Director of Medical Services to the Commissioner -

    (a) specifying the places inspected and the matters examined or enquired into;

    (b) stating, with reasons, whether or not they find conditions in the hospital to be satisfactory;

    (c) making such recommendations as they think fit for the improvement of conditions in the hospital or for any other purpose.

    (4) A visiting committee may exercise any power conferred on an individual visitor by section 3.