Section - 3 - Hospital Visitors.

    (1) District Administrative Officers, Magistrates and such other persons as the Commissioner may nominate shall be visitors of any psychiatric hospital.

    (2) A visitor shall be entitled to enter and inspect any part of a psychiatric hospital at any hour of the day or night, and may enquire into any complaint.

    (3) A visitor may at any reasonable time interview any patient without an officer of the hospital being present:

    Provided that no visitor shall be allowed to enter the room of any patient whom the chief administrator considers to be dangerous except-

    (a) in the presence of and with the consent of the chief administrator or any other person nominated by him in writing, or

    (b) except where the person desiring to enter the room states in writing that although he has been warned that the patient is dangerous he still wants to enter his room.

    (4) It shall be the duty of the chief administrator to provide facilities ensuring that the interviewing of any patient may be conducted with safety.

    (5) The chief administrator shall keep a visitor's book in which every visitor who visits the hospital shall enter his name, the date and time of his visit, and any remarks he may wish to make concerning any complaint and any matter connected with the management of the hospital.