Section - 22 - Warrant to Search for and Remove Patients.

    (1) If it appears to a magistrate, on information on oath laid by any person, that there is reasonable cause to suspect that a person believed to be suffering from mental illness patients.

    (a) has been, or is being, ill-treated, neglected or kept otherwise than under proper control, in any place within the jurisdiction of the magistrate; or

    (b) being unable to care for himself, is living alone in any such place, the magistrate may issue a warrant authorising any police officer to enter, if need be by force, any premises specified in the warrant in which that person is believed to be, and, if thought fit, to remove him to a place of safety with a view to the making of an application in respect of him under section 8, or of other arrangements for his treatment or care.

    (2) A person who is removed to a place of safety in the execution of a warrant issued under this section may be detained there for a period not exceeding seventy-two hours.

    (3) In the execution of a warrant under this section the police officer shall wherever practicable be accompanied by a mental welfare officer and by a medical practitioner.

    (4) It shall not be necessary in any information or warrant under this section to name the person concerned.