Section - 17 - Powers of Tribunal.

    (1) Where application is made to the Tribunal by or in respect of a person detained under this Decree, the Tribunal may in any case direct that the patient be discharged, notwithstanding the previous order of any magistrate, and he shall be discharged accordingly; and the Tribunal shall so direct if they are satisfied-

    (a) that the patient is not then suffering from mental illness or any other mental disorder;

    (b) that it is not necessary in the interest of the patient's health or safety or for the protection of other person that the patient should continue to be liable to be detained;

    (c) that the patient, if released, would not be likely to act in a manner dangerous to himself or to others.

    (2) Without prejudice to the powers of the Tribunal under subsection (1), the Tribunal may make appropriate recommendations to the Commissioner with regard to the circumstances of any case.