Section - 2 - Forfeiture of Assets upon Non-payment and Imprisonment where Assets are Insufficient.

    (1) Where any licensed buying agent fails to comply with section 1 of this Decree there shall be forfeited to the Republic assets belonging to the licensed buying agent and to the value of the extent of his indebtedness and the National Redemption Council shall take such steps as it may think necessary to ensure that the farmer is duly paid.

    (2) Where the assets of any licensed buying agent are insufficient to meet any debt required to be paid under section 1, that agent may, in addition to the forfeiture of his assets, be imprisoned for such period not exceeding ten years as the National Redemption Council may by writing determine.

    (3) Where the licensed buying agent is a body of persons, subsections (1) and (2) of this section shall unless the National Redemption Council otherwise directs apply to every director, partner, Secretary or similar officer of that body in respect of the indebtedness of the agent.