Section - 9 - Regulations for Mining Concessions.

    (1) The Commissioner may by legislative instrument-

    (a) empower the holder of a mining concession to demarcate any part of the concession area not exceeding one thousand feet square, and not including any dwelling house or the ground attached thereto without the consent of the occupier, and to keep any such part demarcated while diamond mining operations are in progress thereon;

    (b) prohibit the entry of unauthorised persons on such demarcated part;

    (c) restrict the entry of persons into towns or villages situated on mining concessions;

    (d) authorise the police to search persons, buildings, and articles within demarcated parts and towns or villages situated on mining concessions.

    (2) Regulations made under this section may apply to the whole or any part of Ghana, or to any particular mining concession or town or village situated on a mining concession.