Section - 17 - Repeals and Savings.

    (1) The following enactments are hereby repealed:-

    The Diamond Mining Industry Protection Ordinance (Cap. 152) as subsequently amended;

    Section 9B of the Minerals Act, 1962 (Act 126);

    Section 9A and the Second Schedule of the Aliens Act 1963, (Act 160);

    The Minerals Act, 1962 (Amendment) Decree, 1968 (N.L.C.D. 228);

    The Aliens Act, 1963 (Amendment) Decree, 1968 (N.L.C.D. 259).

    (2) Notwithstanding the repeal of the above enactments, the following statutory instruments shall continue in force as if made under the corresponding provisions of this Decree, until modified or revoked:-

    Birim (No.1) Diamond Area Order, 1926 (No.19);

    Diamond Mining Industry Protection Regulations, 1927 (No.9);

    Aliens (Permits for Prohibited Areas) Regulations, 1969 (LI 612);

    Aliens (Permits for Prohibited Areas) (Amendment) Regulations, 1969 (LI 616):

    Provided that all references to "prohibited areas" in any such instrument shall be construed for the purpose of this decree as references to diamond areas.

    (3) Notwithstanding the repeal of the Second Schedule to the Aliens Act, 1963 (Act 160), the areas described in that Schedule shall, until provision is otherwise made by instrument under section 7 of this Decree, be deemed for the purposes of this Decree to be diamond areas.