• Title in each of the estate houses specified in the First Schedule to this Decree shall vest in the State Housing Corporation (hereafter in this Decree referred to as "the Corporation") which shall accordingly take possession of the said houses.

    • The former officers of the Corporation whose names appear in the Second Schedule to this Decree shall each be liable to pay to the Corporation the sums of money set out against their names in the said Schedule in respect of their use of property belonging to the Corporation for private purposes; and in addition the former Managing Director of the Corporation shall be liable to pay to the Corporation the sum of money set out against his name in the same Schedule being the amount of loss which the Corporation sustained through his negligence or mismanagement.

    • (1) The former Managing Director upon whose instructions the Corporation's labour and materials were used in the building of the "Aladura" Church and each of the other persons mentioned in the Third Schedule to this Decree on whose houses certain works and repairs were done with the labour and materials of the Corporation shall be liable to pay to the Corporation the cost of the said labour and materials or works and repairs, as the case may be, as assessed by a quantity surveyor appointed by the Public Works Department.

      (2) Any person who is aggrieved by any assessment made in pursuance of this paragraph shall have the right to appeal to the High Court against such assessment.

    • For the purpose of giving effect to paragraph 1 and for securing the due payment of any moneys required to be paid by any person under paragraph 2 and sub-paragraph (1) of paragraph 3 of this Decree, each of the preceding provisions of this Decree (except sub-paragraph (2) of paragraph 3), shall operate as a judgment or order of the High Court in civil proceedings from which there is no right of appeal; and accordingly, all the enactments relating to the enforcement of judgments or orders of the High Court shall, with or without modifications, apply with respect to the recovery of land or to the payment of any money under each of the said provisions of this Decree.

    • This Decree shall be deemed to have come into effect on the 11th day of March, 1968.