• The following articles of the Convention the text of which is as hereinbefore stated, set out in the Schedule to this Decree, shall have the force of law in Ghana, namely:

      (a) Article 31 (inviolability of the consular premises).

      (b) Article 32 (exemption from taxation of consular premises).

      (c) Article 33 (inviolability of consular archives and documents).

      (d) Articles 40 to 53 and 55 to 57 (facilities, privileges and immunities relating to career consular officers and other members of a consular post).

      (e) Articles 58 to 67 (facilities, privileges and immunities relating to honorary consular officers).

    • For the purposes of this Decree, references in the Articles mentioned in paragraph 1 to "the receiving state" shall be construed as references to Ghana.

    • The Consular Conventions Ordinance 1952 (No.32 of 1952) is hereby repealed.

    • This Decree shall come into operation on such day as the National Liberation Council may, by legislative instrument, appoint.