• (1) The National Liberation Council may, by legislative instrument, appoint a Commission-

      to negotiate with any neighbouring country concerning the border between Ghana and that country, to undertake the physical demarcation of the border line agreed upon and to hold such enquiries as are necessary to solve any human problems occasioned by the border demarcation.

      (2) The Commission may deal with some or all of the matters mentioned in the preceding sub-paragraph.

    • (1) An instrument made under the foregoing paragraph may make provision for such incidental or supplementary matters as appear to be necessary or expedient for, or in connection with, the appointment and functioning of the Commission.

      (2) An instrument appointing a Commission consisting of two or more members shall designate one of the members to be chairman of the Commission.

    • The instrument appointing the Commission shall designate a person as Secretary to the Commission who shall perform such functions relating to the work thereof as the Commission may prescribe.

    • (1) For the purposes of the physical demarcation, the Commission shall have the power to enter upon any land, have all reasonable access to any land, and place upon any land in the line of demarcation any beaconing objects.

      (2) It shall be an offence, punishable by a fine not exceeding 200 New Cedis or by an imprisonment not exceeding one year, for any person to remove or in any way interfere with any beaconing objects fixed on the land or on any objects thereon by or under the authority of the Commission.

    • (1) Subject to its terms of reference, the Commission may fix the time and place for work and meetings and may prescribe its own rules of procedure.

      (2) Where the Commission consists of two or more members who are equally divided on any question arising in the course of its proceedings the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

    • The Commission shall have all such powers, rights and privileges as are vested in a Commission of Enquiry (in respect of taking evidence), by virtue of section 6 of the Commissions of Enquiry Act, 1964 (Act 250) and the Schedule thereto; and the offences relating to the taking of evidence set out in section 7 of the said Act shall also apply to the proceedings of a Commission appointed under this Decree, with or without modifications.

    • An instrument made under this Decree shall direct the Inspector-General of police to detail police officers to attend upon the members of the Commission and to perform such other functions relating to the Commission as the Commission may direct.

    • (1) Any witness summoned by the Commission shall be entitled to such allowance as is payable to a witness summoned by the High Court in a criminal trial.

      (2) The National Liberation Council may direct such remuneration, if any, as it thinks fit to be paid to the Secretary to the Commission who shall perform such functions relating to the work thereof as the Commission may prescribe.

      (3) A Commissioner shall not be entitled to any remuneration other than the actual expenses incurred by him in discharging his functions under the Instrument appointing him, but the National Liberation Council may, in special cases, provide for a special remuneration to be paid to a Commissioner.

      (4) All expenses incurred by a Commission appointed under this Decree shall be a charge on the Consolidated Fund.