Section - 56 - Interpretation.

    (1) In this Act unless the context otherwise requires

    "Commission" means the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission established under section 1;

    "courier service" means a service for the receipt and delivery of correspondence, items of value or both, such as parcels and packets, for which no postage stamp is required;

    "Ghana Post" means the Ghana Post Company Limited registered under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179);

    "IATA" means International Air Traffic Association;

    "inspector" means an inspector appointed for the Commission under section 53;

    "letter" means any communication in writing directed to a specified person or address and include postcards;

    "licence" means an authorisation granted by the Commission under sections 13 and 15 (2) of this Act for the provision of postal service;

    "licence" means a person to whom a licence has been granted under this Act;

    "mail" includes little articles collected for conveyance by post, loose articles and every mail bag or conveyance of any kind by which articles are carried whether or not itcontains postal articles;

    "mail bag" includes any container, bag, parcel, basket, envelope or other convering in which postal articles are conveyed whether or not it contains postal articles;

    "member" means a member of the Commission;

    "Minister" means the Minister with responsibility for Communications;

    "money order" means a money order issued by a licensee for payment;

    "post" means any system for the collection, dispatch, or conveyance of postal articles:

    "post office" includes

    (a) a house, building, room, vehicle place or structure where postal articles are received, sorted, delivered, made up or dispatched or which is used for any other postal purpose in connection with the rendering of any postal money transfer or other services by Ghana Post; and

    (b) any pillar box or other receptacle provider by or under the authority of Ghana Post for the reception of postal articles;

    "postage stamp" includes a label or stamp for denoting postage or other sum payable in respect of a postal article and which is an adhesive stamp, printed, impressed or otherwise indicated on a postal article whethr the stamp is issued under this Act or by the government of any other country.

    "postal article" includes a letter, postcard, reply postcard, lettercard, newspaper, book, packet, printed paper, pattern or sample packet, small packet or parcel and every other packet article when in course of conveyance by post and includes a telegram when conveyed by post;

    (a) and constitutes delivery to a post office where it is placed in any receiving box for the deposit of postal articles, or delivered to an employee of Ghana Post in the course of hte employee's duties; or

    (b) and constitutes delivery to the addressee where it is

    (i) delivered at the house or office of the addressee,

    (ii) delivered to the addressee's servant or agent or any other person considered to be authorised to receive the article according to the usual mode of delivery to the addressee;

    (iii) delivered to the addressee's authorised agent or hotel proprietor or manager, where the addressee is a guest at or is resident in a hotel; or

    (iv) placed in the addressee's private box or bag.