Section - 51 - Settlement of Dispute.

    (1) Any dispute between a customer and a licensee in which it is alleged that the licensee

    (a) has exercised undue discrimination in the provision of a postal service against the customer in respect of charges or terms applied or to be applied:

    (b) has shown undue preference to any other person to the detriment of the customer; or

    (c) has applied or proposes to apply to the customer any charge related to provision of a postal service which is not authorised under this Act may be referred to the Commission by either party.

    (2) Where a dispute is referred to the Commission the Commission or a person appointed by the Commission shall determine whether the allegation is well founded and where it is, the Commission or the person shall make such determination as considered appropriate together with a statement of reasons for the determination made.

    (3) An act or omission of a licensee which is authorised by any condition included in the licence for the purpose of this section shall not be taken to constitute undue discrimination.

    (4) The procedures to be followed in determining a dispute referred to under this section shall be determined by the Commission.