Section - 21 - Suspension or Cancellation of Licence.

    (1) Where the Commission is satisfied that a licensee is not complying with or has not complied with the conditions of the licence, the Commission may suspend or cancel the licence.

    (2) A suspension or cancellation shall not be made unless the Commission gives the licensee a written notice specifying in the notice the cause of dissatisfaction of the Commission and giving directions for rectification of the breach and the action proposed to be taken by the Commission in the event of non-compliance with the notice.

    (3) The Commission shall not suspend or cancel a licence without first giving the licensee an opportunity to be heard and to comply with the directives of the Commission if any, within a reasonable period.

    (4) The Commission shall in determining whether it is necessary to suspend or cancel a licence, consider the extent of loss or damage to persons likely to be affected by the suspension or cancellation.

    (5) A licence which is ot utilised within six months from the date of its grant shall lapse.