Section - 2 - Objects and Functions of the Commission.

    (1) The objects of the Commission are to

    (a) promote and encourage the expansion of postal services for the social and economic development of the country;

    (b) promote an efficient system for the delivery of mails nationwide in a manner responsive to the needs of mail users;

    (c) promote fair competition among persons engaged in the provision of postal services;

    (d) protect licensees and consumers from unfair conduct of other licensees with regard to quality of postal services;

    (e) protect generally the interest of consumers; and

    (f) promote the advancement of technology related to the provision of postal services;

    (2) For the purpose of achieving its objects, the Commission shall

    (a) ensure that there are provided throughout the country as far as practicable, postal services reasonably necessary to satisfy demand for the services;

    (b) ensure that providers of postal services achieve the highest level of efficiency in the provision of the services and are responsive to customer and community needs;

    (c) grant licences for the operation of postal and courier services;

    (d) regulate the issue of postage stamps including definitive, commemorative and special issue postage stamps and any other philatelic items;

    (e) provide guidelines on rates of postage and other fees chargeable in respect of postal articles;

    (f) designate quality standards of equipment for the provision of postal services where necessary;

    (g) ensure that the needs of persons with disability are taken into account in the provision of postal services;

    (h) provide advice and assistance to licensees, where reasonably practicable, for which they may be charged fees the Commission considers appropriate;

    (i) maintain a register of licensees;

    (j) to submit inputs for policy formulation to the Minister for consideration as may be necessary;

    (k) ensure strict compliance with this Act and Regulations made under it; and

    (l) perform any other functions

    (i) assigned to it under this Act, or any other enactment; or

    (ii) incidental to the objects of this Act.