Section - 30 - Penalty.

    (1) Any person who contravenes a provision of this Act commits an offence.

    (2) Any person who in furnishing particulars or information required to be furnished by a political party or by him under this Act makes a statement which he knows to be false or which he has no reason to believe to be true or makes a false statement reckless whether it true or not commits an offence.

    (3) An offence under this Act, unless otherwise specifically provided for, shall be punishable with a fine not exceeding ten million cedis or a term of imprisonment not exceeding two years or both.

    (4) Where an offence under this Act is committed by a political party, every executive officer of that party shall also be guilty of that offence.

    (5) Where an offence under this Act is committed by a body of persons other than a political party, then

    (a) in the case of a body corporate other than a partnership, every director and the secretary of the body corporate shall also be guilty of the offence; and

    (b) in the case of a partnership, every partner shall also be guilty of the offence.

    (6) No person shall be guilty of an offence by virtue of subsection (4) or (5) if he proves to the satisfaction of the court that the act in respect of which he is charged was committed by a person other than himself, and was without his consent or connivance and that he exercised all diligence to prevent the commission of that act as he ought to have exercised having regard to all the circumstances.