COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 335 - Enforcement of Duty to make Returns

    If a body corporate or any officer or liquidator of a body corporate, having made default in complying with any provision of this Code which requires it, to deliver any return, account, or other document, or to give notice of any matter, fails to end the default within twenty-eight days after the service of a notice on the body corporate or the officer or liquidator requiring it or him to do so, the Court may, on an application made to the Court by the Registrar or by any member or creditor of the body corporate, make an order directing the body corporate and any officer thereof or the liquidator to make good the default within such time as may be specified in the order; and may provide that all costs of and incidental to the application shall be borne by the body corporate or by any officer or liquidator of the body corporate responsible for the default.