COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 328 - Registrar of Companies

    (1) The President may appoint a registrar of Companies in this Code referred to as the Registrar, to carry out the duties and functions vested by or under this Code or any other enactment in the Registrar.

    (2) Until any other appointment is made the Registrar-General shall be the Registrar.

    (3) There may be appointed such Assistant and Deputy Registrars of Companies and such other officers as are required for the purposes of this Code.

    (4) Anything in this Code appointed, authorised or required to be done to or by the Registrar or to be signed by the Registrar may be done to or by or signed by any Assistant or Deputy Registrar and shall be as valid and effectual as if done to or by or signed by the Registrar.

    (5) The Registrar shall have a seal and such seal shall bear the words "Registrar of Companies, Ghana".