COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 263 - Service of Documents on Company

    (1) A document may be served on a company by leaving it at, or sending it by post to, the registered office of the company or the latest office registered by the Registrar as the registered address of the company.

    (2) Any document to be served by post on a company shall be posted in such time as to admit of its being delivered in due course of delivery within the time, if any, prescribed for the service thereof; and in proving service it shall be sufficient to prove that a letter containing such document was properly addressed prepaid and posted, whether or not by registered post.

    (3) If a company has no registered office, service upon any director of the company or, if the company has no director or if no director can be traced in Ghana, upon any member of the company, shall be deemed good and effectual service upon such company.

    (4) If it shall be proved that any document was in fact received by the board of directors, managing director or secretary of a company such document shall be deemed to have been served on the company notwithstanding that service may not have been effected in accordance with the foregoing subsections of this section.

    (5) Nothing in this section shall derogate from any provision in this Code relating to the service of any document, or from the power of any court to direct how service shall be effected of any document relating to legal proceedings before that court.