COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 250 - Resolution for Appointment and Removal of Liquidator

    (1) The resolution for the private liquidation of a company shall include the appointment as liquidator of a person therein named; and no such resolution shall be valid for the purposes of this Part of this Code unless the person so named shall have previously consented in writing to his appointment.

    (2) Where a vacancy occurs by death, resignation or otherwise in the office of liquidator, the company in general meeting may fill the vacancy and for that purpose a general meeting may be convened by any member or if there were more liquidators than one, by the continuing liquidators.

    (3) The Court may, on the application of any member of the company or of the Registrar, remove a liquidator and appoint another in his place, or appoint a liquidator if, from any cause whatsoever, there is no liquidator acting.

    (4) The company or the Court, as the case may be, shall give notice to the Registrar of the removal or appointment of a liquidator, and the Registrar shall register the notice and publish it in the Gazette.