COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 225 - Proceedings after Investigations

    If as a result of any information obtained in accordance with section 219 of this Code or as a result of any report made under the immediately preceding section, it appears to the Registrar that,

    (a) any person may have been guilty of an offence for which he is criminally liable, the Registrar shall refer the matter to the Attorney-General who, if he considers that the case is one in which a prosecution ought to be instituted, shall institute proceedings accordingly;

    (b) any company ought to be wound up or that an application should be made to the Court under section 218 of this Code, the Registrar may petition the Court to wind up the company, if it thinks it just and equitable to do so, or may apply to the Court under such section 218;

    (c) proceedings ought in the public interest to be brought by any company against any director or former director of any company under section 210 of this Code or against any person to recover property, damages or compensation to which any body corporate is entitled, the Registrar may himself bring proceedings for that purpose in the name of the company or body corporate but, subject to section 226 of this Code, shall indemnify the company or body corporate against any costs or expenses incurred by it in connection with such proceedings.