COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 205 - Conflicts of Duty and Interest

    Notwithstanding any provision in the company's Regulations, a director shall not, without the consent of the company in accordance with section 206 of this Code, place himself in a position in which his duty to the company conflicts or may conflict with his personal interests or his duties to other persons, and in particular, without such consent a director shall not,

    (a) use for his own advantage any money or property of the company or any confidential information or special knowledge obtained by him in his capacity as director;

    (b) be interested directly or indirectly, otherwise than merely as a shareholder or debentureholder in a public company, in any business which competes with that of the company; or

    (c) be personally interested, directly or indirectly, in any contract or other transaction entered into by the company except as provided by section 207 of this Code.