COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 158 - Circulation of Members Circulars

    (1) A company shall, at the request in writing of any member entitled to attend and vote at the general meeting but, unless the company otherwise resolves, at the expense of that member, circulate to members of the company a statement of not more than one thousand words with respect to any business to be dealt with at that meeting.

    (2) The statement shall be circulated to members of the company in any manner permitted for service of notice of the meeting and, so far as practicable, at the same time as notice of the meeting, or, if that is impracticable, as soon as possible thereafter.

    (3) A company shall not be bound to circulate such statement unless,

    (a) the written request, signed by the member concerned, together with the statement, is deposited at the registered office of the company not less than ten days before the meeting;

    (b) there is also deposited with the request a sum reasonably sufficient to meet the company's expenses in giving effect thereto.