COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 148 - Official Seal for Use Abroad

    (1) A company whose objects require or comprise the transaction of business in countries other than Ghana may, if authorised by its Regulations, have for use in any territory, district or place not situate in Ghana, an official seal which shall be a facsimile of the common seal of the company with the addition on its face of the name of the territory, district or place where it is to be used.

    (2) Every document to which an official seal is duly affixed shall bind the company as if it had been sealed with the common seal of the company.

    (3) The company may, by writing under its common seal, authorise any agent appointed for that purpose to affix the official seal to any document to which the company is a party in the territory, district or place.

    (4) Any person dealing with such an agent in reliance on the writing conferring the authority shall be entitled to assume that the authority of the agent continues during the period, if any, mentioned in the writing or, if no period is there mentioned, then until that person has actual notice of the revocation or determination of the authority.

    (5) The person affixing any such official seal shall, by writing under his hand, certify on the document to which the seal is affixed, the date on which and the place at which it is affixed.