COMPANIES ACT - 1963 (ACT 179)

    Section - 14 - Formation of Companies

    After the commencement of this Code a company shall be formed in manner following, that is to say,

    (a) there shall be delivered to the Registrar for registration a copy of the proposed Regulations of the company complying with sections 16 to 18 of this Code;

    (b) unless, in the opinion of the Registrar,

    (i) the Regulations do not comply with this Code;

    (ii) the objects for which the company is being formed or the business which it is to carry on, or any of them are unlawful;

    (iii) any of the subscribers to the Regulations is an infant or of unsound mind; or

    (iv) any of the directors named in the Regulations is under section 182 of this Code, incompetent to be appointed a director,

    the Registrar shall register the said Regulations;

    (c) upon registration of the Regulations, the Registrar shall certify under his seal that the company is incorporated and, in the case of a limited company, that the liability of its members is limited;

    (d) from the date of registration mentioned in the certificate of incorporation, the company shall be a body corporate by the name contained in the Regulations and, subject as provided in sections 27 and 28 of this Code, be capable forthwith of exercising all the functions of an incorporated company;

    (e) the Registrar shall insert a notice in the Gazette stating the issue of such certificate and the terms thereof;

    (f) the certificate of incorporation, or a copy thereof, certified as correct under the hand of the Registrar, or the Gazette containing the notice referred to in paragraph (e) of this section, shall be conclusive evidence that the company has been duly registered and incorporated under this Code and no proceedings shall be brought in any Court to cancel or annul such registration:

    Provided that nothing in this paragraph contained shall prejudice the institution of proceedings to wind up the company in accordance with section 247 of this Code.