Section - 16 - Inquiries by Disciplinary Committees

    (1) The name of any person shall not be struck off the register of the Institute nor shall a registration be cancelled unless a disciplinary committee has, after due inquiry, made a report to the Council that the person concerned has been guilty of professional misconduct.

    (2) Where the Council has reasonable cause to believe, whether upon complaint made to it or otherwise, that any person who is a chartered accountant or a practising accountant has been guilty of professional misconduct, the Council may appoint a disciplinary committee for the purpose of holding an inquiry into the conduct of that person.

    Third Sch.

    (3) The provisions of the Third Schedule to this Act shall apply in relation to the constitution of, and the procedure to be followed by, disciplinary committees appointed under this section, the proceedings at inquiries held by such committees and the powers exercisable by such committees.