Section - 3 - Functions of the Authority.

    (1) For the purpose of achieving its object under section 2, the Authority shall have the following functions-

    (a) establish standards and methods for the training and testing of driving instructors and drivers of motor vehicles and riders of motor cycles;

    (b) establish standards and methods for the training and testing of vehicle examiners;

    (c) provide syllabus for driver training and the training of instructors;

    (d) issue driving licences;

    (e) register and license driving schools;

    (f) license driving instructors;

    (g) inspect, test and register motor vehicles;

    (h) issue vehicle registration certificates;

    (i) issue vehicle examination certificates:

    (j) license and regulate private garages to undertake vehicle testing;

    (k) maintain registers containing particulars of licensed motor vehicles, driving instructors, driving schools and drivers of motor vehicles;

    (l) advise the Minister on policy formulation and development strategy for the achievement of the object of the Authority;

    (m) ensure strict compliance with this Act and regulations made under it;

    (n) carry out such other functions as are incidental to the attainment of the object of the Authority.

    (2) The Authority may with the approval of the Minister in writing, delegate any of its functions to any body.