Section - 20 - Execution of Contracts.

    (1) The use of the seal of the Authority shall be authenticated by two signatures of-

    (a) the Chief Executive or another officer of the Authority authorised by the Board to authenticate the use of the seal; and

    (b) a Director of the Authority.

    (2) The Authority may under its common seal empower any person to act as its attorney to execute deeds on its behalf in any place outside Ghana and every deed signed by the attorney on behalf of the Authority and under his seal shall be binding on the Authority and have the same effect as if it were under the common seal of the Authority.

    (3) Any instrument or contract which if executed or entered into by a person other than a body corporate would not require to be under seal, may be executed or entered into on behalf of the Authority by the Chief Executive or any member of the Board if the person has previously been authorised by a decision of the Board to execute or enter into that particular agreement or contract.

    (4) The provisions of this section shall be subject to section 12 of the Contracts Act, 1960 (Act 25).