Section - 16 - Dual Citizenship

    (1) A citizen of Ghana may hold the citizenship of any other country in addition to his citizenship of Ghana.

    (2) Without prejudice to article 94(2)(a) of the Constitution, no citizen of Ghana shall qualify to be appointed as a holder of any office specified in this subsection if he holds the citizenship of any other country in addition to his citizenship of Ghana-

    (a) Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court;

    (b) Ambassador or High Commissioner;

    (c) Secretary to the Cabinet;

    (d) Chief of Defence Staff or any Service Chief;

    (e) Inspector-General of Police;

    (f) Commissioner, Custom, Excise and Preventive Service;

    (g) Director of Immigration Service;

    (h) Commissioner, Value Added Tax Service;

    (i) Director-General, Prisons Service;

    (j) Chief Fire Officer;

    (k) Chief Director of a Ministry;

    (l) the rank of a Colonel in the Army or its equivalent in the other security services; and

    (m) any other public office that the Minister may by legislative instrument prescribe.

    (3) A citizen of Ghana who-

    (a) loses his Ghanaian citizenship as a result of the acquisition or possession of the citizenship of another country shall on the renunciation of his citizenship of that country become a citizen of Ghana;

    (b) acquires the citizenship of another country in addition to his Ghanaian citizenship shall notify in writing the acquisition of the additional citizenship to the Minister in such form and such manner as may be prescribed.

    (4) A citizen of Ghana who is also a citizen of any other country shall whilst in Ghana be subject to the laws of Ghana as any other citizen.

    (5) A citizen who has lost his citizenship as a result of the law in Ghana which prohibited the holding of dual citizenship by a Ghanaian may on an application to the Minister be issued with a certificate of citizenship which shall be effective from the date of issue.

    (6) A certificate issued under subsection (5) shall specify whether the citizenship is by birth, adoption, registration or naturalisation.