BANK OF GHANA ACT - 2002 (ACT 612)

    Section - 18 - Functions of the Governor

    (1) The Governor shall, subject to the directions given by the Board on matters of policy and subject as expressly provided in this Act, be entrusted with the day-to-day business and administration of the Bank, and may make decisions and exercise all powers and perform the functions which may be exercised and performed by the Bank.

    (2) Without prejudice to sub-section (1), the Governor shall

    (a) execute the policies of the Board;

    (b) make regular reports to the Board on the management and operations of the Bank;

    (c) provide the data, statistics and advice necessary for the attainment of the objects of the Bank; and

    (d) perform any other functions directed by the Board.

    (3) The Governor shall be answerable to the Board for the acts and decisions of the Governor.