Section - 3 - Other functions of the Authority

    Without prejudice to section 2 the Authority

    (a) shall draw appropriate programmes for the rapid development and expansion of the local sugar industry, and review the progress of implementation of the programme;

    (b) shall collect and analyse in collaboration with any other relevant agencies of the Government of statistical data on the importation, local production, distribution and consumption of sugar and related products in the Republic;

    (c) shall promote and co-ordinate research activities into sugar-cane growing, processing and marketing;

    (d) shall promote, encourage and co-ordinate extension services to farmers including training of sugar experts;

    (e) shall promote the development of appropriate technologies suitable for the production of sugar and related products in the Republic;

    (f) shall provide management and business advisory services to the Sugar-cane Planters Association and proprietors of sugar mills; and

    (g) shall provide any other related services and perform any other functions that the Government may assign to the Board.